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Protection of Personal Information

  1. All personal information collected by Hokkaido University will be completely protected in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc., and other related acts and pursuant to the Hokkaido University Regulations on Personal Information Management.
  2. Names, addresses, and other personal information provided to the university through application procedures will be used solely for(a)enrollee selection(application processing and the screening process),(b)the announcement of exam results,(c)admission procedures,(d)surveys and research on enrollee selection methods, and(e)related processes.
  3. Some of these processes may be outsourced by the university to a contracted service provider(hereinafter referred to as “contractor”). All or some of the personal information provided by applicants may be provided to the contractor only as needed to perform the tasks for which it has been contracted.
  4. Personal information obtained through application procedures will be used only for those who are admitted for(a)school administration purposes(student registration, academic counseling, etc.),(b)student support services(health management, scholarship applications, etc.),and(c)tuition and other administrative purposes.(Personal information of applicants for Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering will be used in Kyushu University for the purpose of(a)and(b).)
  5. Of the personal information described in item(4)above, only names and addresses will be used to facilitate communication with students from the Hokkaido University Frontier Foundation and organizations related to Hokkaido University, such as(a)the Hokkaido University Athletic Union, and(b)Hokkaido University Faculty of Engineering Hokkokai.

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