Laboratory of Architectural Planning

As of October 21, 2021

Basic information


Architectural and Structural Design

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Faculty members accepting applicants

MORI Suguru (Prof.), NOMURA Rie (Assoc. Prof.)

About the laboratory


Our laboratory aims to realize a socially, culturally, and economically human-scale living environment by architectural and urban planning and design. We are involved in theoretical and empirical research, practical application of these results, and returning the achievements to society. And, we are exploring next-generation planning theory that contributes to improving the quality of life and well-being by working interdisciplinarily and internationally.

Organization of research

We respect the independent research life of our students. Be aware of research questions with reality, discover problems, and search for solutions by yourself. That voluntary motivation is very important. Our academic field is Architectural Planning Research. APR has been developing as the original field in the world and has longest history in the same kind of academic fields all over the world. APR is a scientific view of planning and design. In addition, APR has a close academic connection with EBS: Environmental Behavior Studies.

We hold weekly laboratory seminars where all students must attend and discuss with the faculty members. In addition, we also hold individual meetings as needed.

Ongoing projects

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Enrolled students' research topics

First, it is necessary to fully understand the theory and methodology of APR and EBS. Research themes are fairly considered flexibly. However, the individual's research topic must be based on a realistic awareness of the issue in our living environment. Based on the students' own recognition with reality, we will hold careful discussions and clarify the research target.

Information for potential applicants

Applicants' background

Applicants don't have to graduate from architecture or planning. However, it is required to have a high interest in APR and EBS.

Who should apply?

Students with a strong interest in APR / EBS, laboratory activities, and an international learning environment.

How to choose a research proposal topic?

Please prepare a proposal on any relevant to the laboratory's research profile topic of your interest.

How the research proposal is evaluated?

We evaluate the student proposal based on (1) basic knowledge and understanding the research question, (2) strong motivation to solve the question and finish your Master's or Doctoral course (3) story of the proposal and logical discussion and (4) English.

Plan to accept applicants

Application type Enrollment semester Master’s course Doctoral course Comments
MEXT Scholarship (Uniform call) Oct. 2022
MEXT Embassy
e3 Special Selection Oct. 2022

How to apply

Please follow the application procedure for the respective application category announced at the e3 web page.

Accepting Research Students

We accept applicants as Research Students prior to entering Master’s or Doctoral program. Please check the e3 web page for information about the research students.

Availability of financial support

Please check the e3 web page for information about the scholarships and other financial support.


If you have any inquiries about the application and admission procedures etc., please contact the e3 office. You can submit your application on-line during the "matching period" irrespective of prior contact with potential supervisor(s).