A Visit from Harbin Engineering University

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The delegation members from Harbin Engineering University (from now on referred to as HEU) were welcomed by Prof. HABAZAKI Hiroki (Dean, Faculty of Engineering), Prof. TABE Yutaka (Director, International Exchange Office), and Prof. SATOH Toshifumi on Monday, January 22. Prof. CHEN Hailong (Dean, Yantai Research Institute), Prof. ZHANG Chunhong and Assoc. Prof. LIU Lijia (Yantai Research Institute) from HEU visited our campus to discuss future collaborative research and exchange of faculty members and students.

The PLA Military Engineering Institute was founded in 1953 as the predecessor of HEU and the name changed to the Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute in 1970, then it was renamed to the HEU in 1994. HEU consists of 20 colleges, 4 teaching departments, more than 40 scientific research institutions, and more than 150 scientific research and teaching laboratories. One of the research institutions is the Yantai Research Institute. The Yantai Research Institute was opened in September 2020 in Yantai Huangbohai New Area east of the Yellow Sea with a gorgeous scenic environment. It is still new, but is projected to accommodate faculty and postgraduate up to 600 and 3000 respectively, form around 60 technological innovation teams, and establish 3 to 5 branches of national scientific laboratories by 2027.

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