Classes and Registration

Registration of courses outside e3

To register for a course or courses outside of Graduate School of Engineering/e3 curriculum you should submit Add/Change of Course Request Form to the Academic Affairs Office Window #2.

Submission period: normally courses should be registered during the regular course registration period, however intensive courses and special lectures may be registered during different period. Please check with the Academic Affairs Office Window #2 as to when you should hand in the form mentioned above.

 Download necessary forms from this link.


  • All courses whose credits are to be counted toward graduation requirement must be in English.
  • For Master's course students only 2 credits outside of Primary/Secondary fields of study can be transferred to the primary field and counted toward graduation requirement. For more details please check student manual.
  • For internship course before submitting Add/Change of course form students are required to consult with CEED and e3 coordinator, for more details check <Registering Internship E I&II>


What kind of courses are available outside of e3? How to find a syllabus?

Courses opened to the students from other graduate schools are classified as "Inter-graduate school classes". They include regular and intensive courses. Among them you can as well find courses of such special programs as PARE, Summer Institute etc. You can refer to each program web page or brochure for more details.

Hokkaido University Syllabus Search Engine - allows you to find syllabus of any course officially tought at Hokkaido University. The system is easier to use if you know some basic information, such as title, name of the instructor or graduate school which offers the course etc.

Advanced Course of International Science Communication Methods (Prof. Ralf Greve, Dr. Kazuhiro Toyoda) (In Academic year 2015-16 was offered during Winter semester)