About SO

e3soThe e3 student organization or the "e3 family", is an international student association of foreign students studying in the School of Engineering at the Hokkaido University. Every year the e3 program enrolls many international students and they automatically become members of the e3 family. Currently, we have more than 170 international students from over 30 countries as members and comprises almost all of the international student body. The e3 SO aims to ensure student happiness, recreation, and to give them a break from the monotonous research life by organizing various events. These regular events promotes international exchange between foreign students and Japanese students and brings a balance between study and play for the students. Our main goal is to ensure that students feel like home here and lead a healthy and stress free life during their stay.
As part of the e3 SO we thrive towards strong cross cultural exchange between different nationalities and growing mutual respect towards different cultures and religions by understanding them through discussions and activities. Our members actively participates in various government and school events to teach and show their culture and traditions to Japanese school children and local citizens.
We believe in the motto "The world is one family" and in ensuring a strong bridge between Japan and the world, the e3 SO is working for a bright future.


  • Promote international friendship and cultural exchange among foreign and Japanese students.
  • Strengthen student interaction and broaden their vision academically and socially by mutual respect. To develop an international environment of diverse cultural background and advanced learning.
  • Strong alumni association and regular events to strengthen alumni-student interaction.
  • Helping students to settle down in a new environment and provide valuable information about living in Japan.

Get Involved

Do you want to participate in e3? There are many things you can do!

  • Contribute with ideas and propose activities, we'll try to sponsor them and you can help us organize them!
  • Volunteer to help us during events! It's a great way to meet other international students.
  • Become task group (TG) members and organize at least one event per semester.
  • Give us your feedback about past events, our webpage, etc!

Join the committee!

  • You can become an Executive Committee Member.
  • Develop excellent leadership and management skills by working in an international environment.
  • Elections for all positions in the board are held at the end of October.