Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
CHEA BUNYA, Chea, B., Chaisomphob, T., Matsumoto, T. et al. Atmospheric Corrosivity Map of Bare Steel and Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel in Central, Northern, and Northeastern Thailand. Trans Indian Inst Met 77, 571–582 (2024).
Division of Environmental Engineering
MOHOMED NIYAZ MOHOMED SHAYAN, A simple and rapid method for detecting fecal pollution in urban rivers by measuring the intrinsic β-D-glucuronidase activity of Escherichia coli, Yuna Tanka, Reiko Hirano, Yuki Nakaya, Hisashi Satoh


THINLEY Jigme, Optimizing electric vehicle (EV) charging station locations in an inter-city network under user equilibrium constraints, 68th Civil Engineering Planning Research Presentation
Division of Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering
MAKWINJA Amidu Amali,