SO members

1. Alavya Tiwari, India, M1 Student

Position: SO president

Namaste, everyone. My name is Alavya Tiwari, and I am from India. I am a master's student in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Hokudai. I am grateful to the e3 family for electing me as the E3 SO 2024-25 president. I recently moved to Japan and can understand how it feels to start a new life in a different country while leaving behind your friends and family. Our goal at e3 is to provide more opportunities for socializing and recreation to students at the engineering faculty and also help you maintain an active social life along with the daily hustle in academics!

2. Uthpala Kaushalya, Sri Lanka, M2 Student

Position:Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ayubowan! Hello everyone! I am Uthpala Kaushalya, a second-year master's student from Sri Lanka, affiliated with the Division of Environmental Engineering, Hokkaido University. In the midst of Hokkaido's breathtaking landscapes and the vibrant culture in Japan, I have spent over a year enjoying the breathtaking beauty, delicious cuisine, and captivating allure. Being a part of Hokkaido University has not only allowed me to expand my academic horizons but has also gifted me the extraordinary opportunity to forge connections with people from diverse corners of the world. Each day brings a new chapter of exploration, blending friendships, scenic marvels, and the refinement of my research endeavours, propelling me closer to my career aspirations.

I am thrilled to join you as the Vice President of Academic Affairs in the E3 SO family! Can't wait to catch you all at the fun e3 activities. Let's unwind from our hectic research routines, make new friends, and create some chill vibes together. Your presence will make it even more awesome! Looking forward to contributing my best to the university community.

Best regards

3. Eman Touliabah, Egypt, M2 Student

Position: Vice President for Finance

Hello everyone, or Ahlan in Arabic!

My name is Eman Touliabah, and I’m from Egypt. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself. I am an architectural engineer doing my graduate studies here at Hokkaido University in the Architectural Planning Laboratory, Architectural and Structural Design Division. I’m passionate about nature, making friends from all over the world, and enjoying what Japan has to offer. I thrive on walking around our beautiful campus; it really has a way of calming and relaxing me! Outside of studying, you can often find me reading, playing video games, having fun karaoke sessions, or thinking about my next travel destination!

I am particularly thrilled to be a part of the E3 So, where I see a vibrant community dedicated to fostering growth, collaboration, and positive change. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a commitment to enhancing the student experience is truly motivating. I am excited about the prospect of contributing my skills and perspective to this dynamic environment.

Moreover, I am eagerly looking forward to connecting with everyone within the E3 family and outside of it as well. Building meaningful relationships and collaborating with diverse talents is something I deeply value. I believe that together, we can create a supportive and enriching community or family that not only benefits its members but also makes a positive impact on the larger campus community. I am enthusiastic about the journey ahead and can't wait to learn, grow, and thrive together!

Best Regards,

4. Muhammad Mahmood Ul Hassan, Pakistan, D1 Student

Position: Vice President for Public Relations

Greetings, everyone! I'm Muhammad Mahmood Ul Hassan, but you can call me Hassan—I think it's the easiest part of my name. Hailing from Pakistan, I embarked on my Hokkaido University journey in 2021 as a Master's student at the Geomechanics lab. Fast forward to 2023, and I humbly hold the title of a D1 student pursuing a Ph.D.

Before officially joining the e3 family, I used to follow their events closely. The allure of their activities, from the engaging orientations, welcome parties and unforgettable summer trip, convinced me that being part of e3 was a gateway to creating lasting memories with fellow students. So, here I am, thrilled to be the Vice President for Public Relations.

I look forward to fostering a sense of camaraderie among students and easing the transition for newcomers. Let's make our time at Hokkaido University memorable and enjoyable together as part of the vibrant e3 community. Can't wait to meet you all!

Warm regards,

5. Yumiko Tan, Japan, M1 Student

Position: Vice President for Social Affairs

Greetings, my name is Yumiko Tan, and I am a mixed-race between Ghana and Japan. Since birth, I was raised in Ghana and moved to Sapporo 5 years ago. I currently reside in the Laboratory of Environmental Ergonomics, pursuing my master’s degree under the Division of Environmental Engineering.

E3 is a central organization for international students enrolling in the Graduate School of Engineering. It is truly an honour to be part of this family and have an opportunity to serve as a vice president for social affairs. As we embark on this shared experience, I aspire to grow with you through our activities, hoping to remind you that you have a home in this community, with a support system always readily available to assist you in any way. You are always welcome to reach out to any of us, no matter the kind of inquiry.

Wishing you an unforgettable campus life filled with so much warmth, joy, and laughter.