Student/alumni voices



Master's course graduate September 2019

People say that good opportunities come a very few times in life and we should recognize and seize them with every chance we get. And that’s what I did when I applied for Master’s in Japan. It wasn’t a very easy decision. I was a...

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Abhishek Kumar GAUTAM

Master's course graduate September 2018

Hokkaido University gave me an opportunity to expand my knowledge, experience new cultures and broaden my horizons. The intellectually stimulating atmosphere and truly international environment have helped me to develop an aptitude of a global cit...

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Master's course graduate March 2016

I’ve been motivated to become an engineer who can work internationally, as well as in Japan. I applied for e3, considering it is very important for my future career to learn my major in English and polish my communication skill in English. ...

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Md Kamrul HASAN

Master's course graduate September 2014

It was never possible for me coming Hokkaido University without the help of e3 and my supervisor who is like a Father to me. It took only few minutes to get back email replies from e3 before coming Hokudai, and after coming here e3 door is always ...

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Reyna Famila Ayop Descallar

Master's course graduate September 2011

It’s almost 3 years since I left Japan and moved to UAE. Summer heat here in the Middle East can be unbearable and grueling. I kept a framed photo of me frolicking in the snow to reminisce the cold seasons I enjoyed so much in Hokkaido. I w...

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G.M. Sadiqul Islam

Master's course graduate September 2009

Hi! I have been graduated (Master of Engineering) from e3 program on September 2009 from the Division of Built Environment (Environmental Materials Engineering Laboratory). The e3 program is unique in Japan for offering degree entirely in English ...

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