Apply as research student

Important! After the applicant enrolled as a research student, he/she is no longer eligible to apply for the MEXT scholarship from e3 as this scholarship is meant for students from overseas only. 

If you wish to apply for the Research students, first you need to contact a prospective supervisor and get the consent of acceptance in advance.
The required documents and application period are different in the case of “students who do not need to apply for the visas” and “students who need to apply for the visas”. Please prepare the application documents according to your situation.

Please refer to the details and guildelines for the Research Students:

For those who wish to enroll e3 program after the research students

When you apply for the reaserch students, please email e3 program that you wish to join the program later.

E-mail: eprogram at (change 'at' to '@')