Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment

Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment (EPSE)

This division supports the development of experts who can elucidate the nature of complex environmental/social problems and issues relating to the creation of spaces and environments essential for safe, comfortable and well-developed social activities in northern regions. The approach of the specialists fostered in this way involves the use of systems engineering and socioeconomic techniques based on their knowledge of natural and social sciences. Graduates are also equipped with a perspective broad enough to address problems while building consensus with local residents based on their engineering ethics and sense of mission in society.

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Division's laboratories are grouped into 2 research groups.

Research Group of Engineering for Sustainable Infrastructure System

Structural Mechanics and System

Academic Staff
  • MIYAMORI Yasunori, Prof.
Bridge and Structural Design Engineering

Academic Staff
  • MATSUMOTO Takashi, Prof.
  • FURUKAWA Akira, Assoc. Prof.
Engineering for Maintenance System

Academic Staff
  • NAGAI Kohei, Prof.
  • MATSUMOTO Koji, Assoc. Prof.
  • FURUUCHI Hitoshi, Assist. Prof.
Lifetime Engineering
Academic Staff

No staff

Research Group of Policy for Engineering and Environment

Transport Network Analysis

Academic Staff
  • UCHIDA Ken-etsu, Prof.
  • SUGIURA SATOSHI, Assoc. Prof.
  • TANI Ryuichi, Assist. Prof.
Infrastructure Planning and Design

Academic Staff
  • KISHI Kunihiro, Prof.
  • TAKANO Shin-ei, Prof.
Advanced Mobility and Transportation Engineering

Academic Staff
  • TAKAHASHI Sho, Assoc. Prof.


Applied Physics
Mechanical and Space Engineering
Human Mechanical Systems and Design
Materials Science and Engineering
Energy and Environmental Systems
Quantum Science and Engineering
Architectural and Structural Design
Field Engineering for the Environment
Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
Human Environmental Systems
Environmental Engineering
Sustainable Resources Engineering
Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering