Human Environmental Systems

Human Environmental Systems (HES) 

This division teaches students to plan work and identify/solve problems concerning constructed environments and regional spaces, and motivates them to develop advanced logical thinking based on symbiosis with nature. Students also develop the ability to understand social and physical phenomena occurring in various conditions, develop control technology and planning methods, and apply their results to the planning, design and construction of human environments.

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Division's laboratories are grouped into 2 research groups.

Research Group of Planning and Performances for Built Environment

Environmental Ergonomics

Academic Staff
  • WAKABAYASHI Hitoshi, Assoc. Prof.
  • LEE Sang-il, Assist. Prof.
Environmental System Research

Academic Staff
  • NAGANO Katsunori, Prof.
  • KATSURA Takao, Assoc. Prof.
  • LIU Hongzhi, Assist. Prof.
Building Environment

Academic Staff
  • MORI Taro, Prof.
  • OSAWA Hisato, Assist. Prof.

Research Group of Building Engineering and Planning

Design Frontier
Academic Staff
  • HIRANO Yoko, Prof.
  • MATSUSHIMA Jumpei, Assoc. Prof.
Environmental Space Design

Academic Staff
  • KIKUTA Koki, Assoc. Prof.
  • Hayashi Motoya, Prof. (specially appointed)
Structural Performance
Academic Staff
  • ISHII Ken, Assist. Prof.
Building Materials

Academic Staff
  • Ryoma KITAGAKI, Prof.
  • OH Dayoung, Assist. Prof.


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Mechanical and Space Engineering
Human Mechanical Systems and Design
Materials Science and Engineering
Energy and Environmental Systems
Quantum Science and Engineering
Architectural and Structural Design
Field Engineering for the Environment
Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
Human Environmental Systems
Environmental Engineering
Sustainable Resources Engineering
Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering