Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) 

This division provides professional education in cutting-edge materials science, including material design based on related modeling, material production methods spanning the scale from nano to macro application, ecological processes as environmental systems, and ecological and energy materials serving as new functional materials. By engaging students in world-leading research in the context of industrial-sector issues, the division also supports the development of materials science researchers and engineers with the capacity to work independently.

Division's website

Division's laboratories are grouped into 4 research groups.

Research Group of Ecological Materials

Novel Processing

Academic Staff
  • IWAI Kazuhiko, Prof.

Academic Staff
  • KIKUCHI Tatsuya, Prof.
Materials for Sustainable Engineering

Academic Staff
  • UEDA Mikito, Prof.
  • MATSUSHIMA Hisayoshi, Assoc. Prof.
  • KUMAGAI Takehiko, Assist. Prof.

Research Group of Materials Design

Materials Strength Modeling

Academic Staff
  • MIURA Seiji, Prof.
  • IKEDA Ken-ichi, Assoc. Prof.
  • TAKIZAWA Satoshi, Assist. Prof.
Microstructure Control

Academic Staff
  • OHNO Munekazu, Prof.
  • YAMADA Ryo, Assist. Prof.
Novel Materials Hybrid Engineering

Academic Staff
  • YONEZAWA Tetsu, Prof.
  • SAKAIRI Masatoshi, Assoc. Prof.
  • Nguyen Thanh Mai, Assist. Prof.

Research Group of Energy Materials

Advanced Materials

Academic Staff
  • HASHIMOTO Naoyuki, Prof.
  • OKA Hiroshi, Assoc. Prof.
  • ISOBE Shigehito, Assoc. Prof.
Advanced High Temperature Materials Engineering

Academic Staff
  • HAYASHI Shigenari, Prof.
  • YONEDA Suzue, Assist. Prof.

Research Group of Energy Conversion Materials

Integrated Function Materials

Academic Staff
  • KUNISADA Yuji, Assoc. Prof.
  • SAKAGUCHI Norihito, Assoc. Prof.
Photon and Thermal Energy Conversion Materials

Academic Staff
  • WATANABE Seiichi, Prof.
  • ZHANG Lihua, Assoc. Prof.
  • OKINAKA Noriyuki, Assoc. Prof.
Energy Media

Academic Staff
  • NOMURA Takahiro, Assoc. Prof.

Research Group of Ironmaking and Steelmaking

Research Group of Frontier Energy Engineering


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