Quantum Science and Engineering

Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE) 

The use of quantum beams and plasma is indispensable for the development of new science and technology fields such as those of material/life sciences and industrial base technology. This division provides systematic educational programs in science and technology concerning quantum beams, plasma and their practical application in nanomaterials. The aim is to produce researchers and engineers who can respond flexibly to technological development in interdisciplinary and boundary areas.

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Division's laboratories are grouped into 3 research groups.

Research Group of Applied Quantum Beam Engineering

Quantum Beam Engineering for Materials Science

Academic Staff
  • OHNUMA Masato, Prof.
  • KANEKO Junichi H, Assoc. Prof.
  • HIRAGA Fujio, Assist. Prof.
Quantum Beam Science and Medical Engineering

Academic Staff
  • MATSUURA Taeko, Prof.
  • MIYAMOTO Naoki, Assoc. Prof.
  • CHEN Ye, Assist. Prof.
Applied Neutron Beam Science and Engineering

Academic Staff
  • KAMIYAMA Takashi, Prof.
  • SATO Hirotaka, Assoc. Prof.

Research Group of Plasma Science and Engineering

Plasma Application for Biotechnology

Academic Staff
  • TOMIOKA Satoshi, Prof.
  • YAMAUCHI Yuji, Assoc. Prof.
  • HIGASHI Naoki, Assist. Prof.
  • MATSUMOTO Yutaka, Assist. Prof.
Plasma Processing for Environmental Technologies

Academic Staff
  • SASAKI Koichi, Prof.
  • SHIRAI Naoki, Assoc. Prof.
  • INAGAKI Yoshinobu, Assist. Prof.
Plasma Processing for Materials Engineering

Academic Staff
  • TOMITA Kentaro, Assoc. Prof.
  • NOBUTA Yuji, Assist. Prof.

Research Group of Nanomaterials Science

Surface Structure and Properties

Academic Staff

No staff

Quantum Energy Conversion Materials

Academic Staff
  • SHIBAYAMA Tamaki, Prof.
  • NAKAGAWA Yuki, Assist. Prof.

Research Group of Materials Structure Science

Research Group of Fusion Science


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