Architectural and Structural Design

Architectural and Structural Design (ASD) 

This division supports the development of experts who can creatively and comprehensively advance viewpoints, theories and technologies related to new plans and designs for architectural and urban spaces representing pleasant and sustainable living environments. Graduates also have the skills and design abilities necessary for the creation of safety mechanisms.

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Division's laboratories are grouped into 2 research groups.

Research Group of Structural and Urban Safety Design

Structural Engineering

Academic Staff
  • OKAZAKI Taichiro, Prof.
  • MATSUI Ryota, Assoc. Prof.
Building Structure Control

Academic Staff
  • KIKUCHI Masaru, Prof.
  • SHIRAI Kazutaka, Assoc. Prof.
  • KOSHIKAWA Takeaki, Assist. Prof.
Urban Disaster Protection Planning

Academic Staff
  • NAKASHIMA Tadayoshi, Assoc. Prof.
  • TAKAI Nobuo, Assoc. Prof.

Research Group of Human Settlement Design

Architectural Design

Academic Staff
  • OZAWA Takeo, Prof.
  • KAKU Satoru, Assoc. Prof.
  • NAITO Tomohito, Assist. Prof.
Architectural Planning

Academic Staff
  • MORI Suguru, Prof.
  • NOMURA Rie, Assoc. Prof.
Urban Design

Academic Staff
  • SETOGUCHI Tsuyoshi, Prof.
  • WATANABE Norihiro, Assist. Prof.


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