Mechanical and Space Engineering

Mechanical and Space Engineering (MSPE) 

Students in this division take course subjects in space engineering and cutting-edge mechanical engineering based on fundamental knowledge of mechanical and intelligent systems engineering. These subjects, along with research activities and research presentations, support the development of engineers and researchers capable of sound judgment based on problem identification and resolution ability, presentation skills to communicate their ideas in Japan and overseas, the capacity to independently promote research and technology development, a strong sense of ethics and an international perspective.

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Division's laboratories are grouped into 2 research groups.

Research Group of Space Systems Engineering

Space Systems

Academic Staff
  • NAGATA Harunori, Prof.
  • WAKITA Masashi, Assist. Prof.
Space Utilization

Academic Staff
  • FUJITA Osamu, Prof.
  • HASHIMOTO Nozomu, Assoc. Prof.
  • KONNO Yusuke, Assist. Prof.
Computational Fluid Mechanics Laboratory / Space Transportation System Laboratory

Academic Staff
  • OSHIMA Nobuyuki, Prof.
  • TERASHIMA Hiroshi, Assoc. Prof.
  • TAKAHASHI Yusuke, Assoc. Prof.

Research Group of Materials and Fluid Mechanics

Physics of Thermofluids

Academic Staff
  • WATANABE Masao, Prof.
  • KOBAYASHI Kazumichi, Assoc. Prof.
  • FUJII Hiroyuki, Assoc. Prof.
Mechanical and Functional Materials

Academic Staff
  • TAKAHASHI Kosuke, Assoc. Prof.
  • NAKAMURA Takashi, Prof. (specially appointed)
Strength of Materials

Academic Staff
  • SATO Motohiro, Prof.
  • FUJIMURA Nao, Prof.
  • KATO Hiroyuki, Assoc. Prof.

Research Group of Space Exploration Engineering


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