Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering (EE) 

This division supports the development of highly specialized professionals with the particular skills needed to create sustainable social systems. The approach of such engineers involves conserving the environment and creating safe, comfortable living spaces based on the sound circulation and metabolism of water, air and matter (waste). Graduates also have extensive knowledge and the capacity for self-learning/problem resolution, and are able to engage in specialized work and R&D relating to technical systems.

Division's website

Division's laboratories are grouped into 2 research groups.

Research Group of Water Metabolic System

Water Quality Control Engineering

Academic Staff
  • OKABE Satoshi, Prof.
  • OSHIKI Mamoru, Assoc. Prof.
Water Reclamation Engineering

Academic Staff
  • KIMURA Katsuki, Prof.
  • HAFUKA Akira, Assist. Prof.
Aquatic Environmental Protection Engineering

Academic Staff
  • SATOH Hisashi, Prof.
  • Nakaya Yuki, Assist. Prof.
Environmental Risk Engineering

Academic Staff
  • MATSUSHITA Taku, Prof.
  • SHIRASAKI Nobutaka, Assoc. Prof.

Research Group of Environmental Management Systems

Solid Waste Disposal Engineering

Academic Staff
  • TOJO Yasumasa, Assoc. Prof.
  • HWANG In-Hee, Assoc. Prof.
Regional Environmental Issues

Academic Staff
  • YAMAGATA Sadamu, Assist. Prof.
  • FUKAZAWA Tatsuya, Assist. Prof.
  • TAGUSARI Junta, Assist. Prof.
Sustainable Material Cycle Systems

Academic Staff
  • ISHII Kazuei, Prof.
  • ISHIKAWA Shiho, Assoc. Prof.
  • HAM Geun-Yong, Assist. Prof.

Research Group of Biomass Community Planning


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